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This page is devoted to poly resources open to people in any location. It has two parts:

There is also a page of local resources.

Many polyamory groups are listed on Yahoo! Groups -- try this search on polyamory.

mailing lists

Email list for polyamorous Jews. Open to anyone who (1) self-identifies as Jewish and polyamorous, or (2) is Jewish and interested in (and respectful of) polyamory, or (3) is polyamorous and thinking about making Judaism part of their life path. To subscribe, go to the web site.

Mailing list of the Alternatives to Marriage Project. ATMP is a U.S. organization offering support, advocacy, and resources to people who choose not to marry, are unable to marry, or are in the process of deciding whether marriage is for them. To subscribe, see the web site.

Mailing list to discuss relationship issues, and other interesting stuff, with other deliberately childFREE polyamorous adults. All genders/sexes/relationship configurations are welcome. Not for people who want children and don't have them, people whose children have left home, or people who are parenting someone else's children.

For those involved in polyamorous D/s BDSM and Master/slave relationship or those seeking a poly relationship. Over 21 only. Open to all orientations/roles.

Support community for those involved in, or contemplating involvement in non-vanilla multi-person relationship(s).

Loving More Love List
Mailing list sponsored by the membership organization Loving More.

For supporters of the Polyamory Awareness and Acceptance Ribbon Campaign. (See also their web site.)

Poly is a high-volume, friendly mailing list for polyamorous folks of all types. Poly has members from all over the US and some other countries. To subscribe, see the web site.

Polyamory Discussion
Dedicated to discussion of polyamory: its side effects, psychological and physical, methods of dealing with issues. All groups are welcome (BDSMers [true lifestylers, please, no newbie players], vanillas, construction workers, desk jockeys, straight, bi, gay, anybody). Please post a short intro upon joining the list.

Discussion and planning group for polyamorous folks interested in building a Theme Camp and community at the Burning Man Festival. See also their web site.

Mailing list open to women only, a safe space for women to discuss the problems, joys and general issues that arise in the practice of non-exclusive relationships between women. For the purposes of this list, "dyke" refers to any woman who has sexual/romantic relationshps with other women, and therefore includes both lesbians and bisexual women. For more information, send email to: majordomo@queernet.org with info poly-dykes in the body of the message.

Group for adults who are in, have been in, or wish to be in a polyamorous family of three or more adults (with or without children).

Poly Greens
A mailing list for poly people and members of other non-traditional family formations interested in organizing within the Green Party and influencing the content of the national Green Party platform in 2006/8, as well as promoting and engendering support for "poly rights" and influencing public policy as it impacts our families and households.

Poly Pagan Personals
Personals list for poly pagans all over the world to meet with the intention of making romantic, sexual, and/or platonic connections. Not necessarily intended for teacher/student connections, but anything goes. Chat is welcome, how else are we going to get to know each other?

Poly Partners with Disabilities
For poly families who have a member who has been diagnosed with a long or short term disability. Open to disabled partners, caregivers, family members, extended family members and friends. Use this group as a place to share your experience, strenth and hope with each other through internet conversation. Feel free to ask questions, vent frustrations or share stories of hope.

For secondaries and "added persons" in poly relationships, for support with issues about joining established relationships.

Support and social group for polyamorous folk around the world. Welcomes couples, singles, triads, quads, networks, tribes, bi, gay, and transgendered folk -- whatever works for you, as long as it's not based on lying and cheating. Includes a variey of folk with different levels of poly experience -- from those in long-term poly relationships to the poly curious and polyfriendly. Goals include networking, support, socializing, and fun.

"A polyamory list for people who aren't emotionally fragile, whiney, new-age witch-wannabe collectivist wusses....(GRIN) Oh, no topic nazis, either. List members should be interested in polyamory, but can talk about whatever the heck they please. Are you an individualist, a Heinleiner, politically incorrect, unafraid of offending or being offended? Then join the list."

Rainbow Triads
For people practicing, beliving in, or supporting polyamory and polyfidelity. All positive spiritual paths welcome. People looking for relationships are welcome. People living in Kentucky or surrounding areas are especially welcome.

SCA Infinite Hearts
Infinite Hearts is like a tavern, for Polyamorous SCA folk. To join, see the web site.

Spiritual Polyamory
For people who are interested in integrating spirituality and polyamory. Affiliated with SpiritualPolyamory.com, a web site selling the book Spiritual Polyamory by Mystic Life.

Temple of Love
Site promoting poly community. Offers several mailing lists - general, erotic, spiritual, and business ventures.

Forum for couples or singles interested in the 'Triad' or threesome relationship arrangement. Anything goes, as long as you are over 18, preferably over 21. Arrange RT meetings, discuss options, BDSM, and positive and negative aspects of being 1/3 of a Triad. Non-judgmental only, no flames. Update Mar 08: Info page has no description

Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness
An organization for promoting awareness and acceptance of polyamory within the Unitarian Universalist Church. Sponsors a mailing list, UUPoly - for more information, see the UUPoly FAQ. There are several regional chapters (info on the main web site).

World Polyamory Association
Organization offering seminars, conferences, coaching, personals, and so on.

web sites, chat, podcasts, etc.

There are many networking/dating sites out there, such as tribe.net, facebook, and friendster. Many have forums about polyamory or have a method for specifying in your profile that you are poly. This list includes sites that were submitted or that we have personal experience with. If you are active on such a site and have comments about its useful to poly folks, feel free to submit your comments to stef@polyamory.org.

Alt X Nation
Altxnation.com is a message board for those enjoying the pleasures of an alternative lifestyle.. It focuses on polyamory and bdsm.

Loving More has chat and message boards.

LiveJournal is a blogging/journaling site with privacy features. Free and fee-based accounts. It has several polyamory communities, including:

Dating and networking site. Free and fee-based accounts. Profiles are open-ended and you can include search terms, so you can specify that you're polyamorous and search for other poly folks. There are hundreds of questions you can answer, some of which have a clue about polyamory. Answering questions allows OKCupid to rate your compatibility with other users.

Pagan Paths IRC Network
The person submitting this site said "I realize that not all 'pagans' are poly, but that a lot of poly folk are pagan."

Web forum for polyamory, in the German language

Polyamory Weekly podcast
Tales from the front of responsible non-monogamy from a pansexual, kink-friendly point of view. Each podcast is about 30 minutes and can be played off any software that will play an MP3 file.

Poly MatchMaker
Resource and personals site, includes chat rooms, message boards, and articles. Free and fee-based services.

Triad Marriage
Community board for Polyamory and Polyfidelity.

List your resource

We will list your list, chat area, or networking web site on our web page if it is poly-friendly and has poly content. Tantric sex, group sex, and swinging don't count as poly content per se.

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