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Miss Poly Manners
Questions and answers about poly etiquette

Polyamory Girl
Polyamory Girl is a "single" mom of three. She writes about being in a relationship with a couple who have been married for 28 years.

Polyamorous Ventures
A journal of two partners' exploration in the world of alternative relationship dynamics.

The InnKeeper's Poly Blog and The InnKeeper's Guide To Polyamory

Polyamory & Non-Monogamy: Opening Doors, Hearts, and Minds
General information, live advice service, other resources. Includes poly, swinging, and other non-monogamy resources.

Polyamory in the News
Blog reporting on news articles with poly content. Archives are tagged and categorized by subject, location of article, language.

A Poly Page for Secondaries blog
"This is for the non-primary, the secondary, the one who got there after. Regardless of your self-identifier, this page will address the issues that one may face when entering a pre-existing relationship."

Polyamory - enlightened lovers or sluts in denial?
Stephen, the author of this blog, writes: "I've recently started a polyamorous relationship for the first time and am going through some difficulties which I assume to be pretty common ... I've been keeping a blog to diarise the whole experience which I hope may be of interest to alt.polyamory visitors.

Polyamory - What it is and what it isn't by Derek McCullough and David S. Hall, Ph.D.
Published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 6, Feb. 27, 2003.

Polyamory? What, like, two girlfriends? by Franklin Veaux.
Introductory guide to poly.

Poly Questionnaire
Questionnaire about current and desired relationship structures, originally developed for BiCon. Useful to fill in and give to a prospective partner.

Polyamory in Penthouse Forum
The July 1997 issue of Penthouse Form contained an article about polyamory that quoted several posters from alt.poly.

"Polyamory Thoughts" by segnbora

"Are Poly Relationships 'More Highly Evolved'? by Teal

The Simple Guide to Relationships by Edward Martin III
"Why Love is Simpler Than You Think"..."I never said it was easy. I said it was simple."

Commitments by Heather Nicoll (The Darkhawk)
"Why do I want to get married, since I cannot legally grant that same public status to my other love?... I'll give it a whirl to see how well my mind can spew random answers."

Gender-Free Pronoun FAQ
by popular demand...

Salon Magazine articles about Polyamory
Three's company; so is four or five
Stranger in a super-friendly land

Rob van Glabbeek's essay on polyamory

Scotland, HO!
Ian Hagemann's marvelous report on his trip to alt.polycon I and points beyond.

"Free love grows up"
Article in the Boston Phoenix

Miss Lovelorn's advice on meeting people

Open Hearts Project
Autobiographical stories about polyamory, collected by Bearpaw and now maintained on the alt.polyamory home page.

Stef's Poly Post Archive
Collection of writings from alt.polyamory and poly mailing lists, partially organized by subject. Also includes essays by Kathy Labriola, a poly-friendly counselor in Berkeley, California.

Joe's defense of his polyamorous relationships to a non-believer

On Being Poly by Kit Peters
Essay covering definitions, philosophies, and practicalities of poly living. Includes some autobiographical material.

Family Tree "generic" newsletter
Contains articles on a commuter marriage, open relationships, family and friends, and sexuality

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