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You are cordially invited to contribute poly-relevant material to the alt.polyamory website. The site is intended to be a helpful place for those new to poly to get acquainted, and for anyone who's interested in polyamory to share information. Send contributions to

What we're looking for:

Blogs, articles, and essays

Links to poly-themed blogs, newspaper articles, magazine articles, webzine articles, podcasts, and other media.

Personal essays. Talk about you, your family, how you do polyamory, your poly philosophy, hopes and dreams.

We will publish a link to an essay on your site, or we will host your essay. Contributions will be published under your posting name and email address unless you specify otherwise. You may contribute anonymously as long as we know how to contact you. Personal essays will not be edited (but see the "Caveat" below).

Mailing lists & regional groups

Tell us about any poly-related mailing lists and regional groups you are involved with. We'd like to know:

Submissions may be edited for brevity, clarity, and consistency.

Art & music

If you made some poly-related art or music, we want to know about it.

Poly-relevant stuff for sale, swap, giveaway

If you offer (or know someplace that offers) something poly-relevant such as books, crafts, or T-shirts, we will include a link.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


There are a few things we won't publish, including: commercial messages (except links to poly-relevant products), personal attacks, hate statements against groups, off-topic rants, or anything that we deem to have insufficient poly content (pornographic writings or images, swinging, and tantra don't count as poly per se).

If you aren't sure whether something you'd like to post will be acceptable, or if you have any other questions about this web site, please send email.

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