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This is a home page for the Usenet newsgroup alt.polyamory. If your web browser supports news, you can read the newsgroup from here.

what you'll find here...

alt.poly FAQs

alt.polyamory FAQ
Types of poly, poly vs. cheating, jealousy, bisexuality, longevity of poly relationships, children, newsgroup etiquette
How to f*** up: alt.polyamory FAQ supplement
"Guide of carefully tested methods for making mistakes in polyamorous relationships"
alt.poly support and networking FAQ
Mailing lists and web pages about polyamory and organizations friendly to polyamory.
alt.polyamory FAQ: culture supplement
Poly non-fiction, fiction, movies, and songs (faqs.org version)
how (some) poly people meet each other FAQ
Excerpts from a thread on the newsgroup
Acronyms and abbreviations
NRE, AFAIC, HBB? Find out what those strange abbreviations on the Poly list or alt.polyamory mean.
Gender-Neutral Pronoun (GNP) FAQ
Not a standard alt.poly FAQ, but it answers the constant questions about zie/zir and sie/hir.

poly resources

mailing lists and other resources
Discuss how your other interests intersect with poly. Includes chat rooms and networking web sites. (Updated Apr '04)
local groups and mailing lists
Hook up with folks in your local community. Don't see what you want? Start something! (Updated Aug '05)
poly folks
Marvel at the web sites of some poly folks. (Updated Apr '04)
Find poly- and alternative-friendly counselors. (Updated Aug '05)
poly essays
Read essays and news articles about poly and personal statements from poly folks. Updated March 2008)
newsgroup excerpts
Within, find a few choice excerpts from discussions on the alt.polyamory newsgroup.
alt.polyamory Classic Post Emporium
More excerpts from alt.polyamory
poly art 'n' stuff
Stock up on poly symbols, art, books, t-shirts. (Updated Aug '05)
contributors' guidelines
Read this if you want to contribute to this web site.

other cool poly resources maintained nearby

Howard Landman's Polyamory Index
with information on poly-related organizations, books, articles, songs, movies, religion, law, sociology, psychology, and biology

thanks and honorable mentions

Parrot graphic by Ray Dillinger, placed in the public domain for use as a poly mascot.
Seven Wonders listed this site as the Anything Goes Site of the Week on March 20th. (sigh)

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